Trip to Drachenfels

On 19th September 2015, we went on our first group excursion.

Our first stop, after a steep climb, was Nibelungenhalle and its neighbouring Reptile Zoo. In Nibelungenhalle’s imposing dome hall, which was opened in 1913 for the 100th anniversary of Richard Wagner, one can admire paintings and sculptures of mythical heroes of the Nibelung legends. Through a dark corridor, we journeyed to the dragon’s cave, where a 13 metre long dragon can be found. In the Reptile Zoo we then marvelled over more than a 100 reptiles species from America, Australia, Africa and Asia.

We continued on to the nearby “fairytale castle” Drachenburg, which also shows a great view of the Rhine Valley. After this visit, we took a break to enjoy some local delicacies (“Zwiebelkuchen” and “Federweißer”) and finally climbed Drachenfels, on whose summit ruins can be found. Our journey was completed with a walk back down the hill to the small town of Königswinter.



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